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Show Promoters

A major component of our marketing and sales strategy is dependent upon shows, fairs, exhibitions, farmers markets, flea markets and other like venues.  As such we are well aware of the important role show promoters, Chambers of Commerce and their staff plus volunteers play in the success of trade shows, fairs, exhibitions and like events.

To date RV shows, boat shows, health shows, women’s shows, sportsman shows, farm and ranch shows, agriculture shows, fairs, and exhibitions have been our main focus however we are looking to broaden our scope of show types.

Accordingly we welcome inquiries regarding our willingness to sponsor shows, participate in advertising campaigns, the development of feature attractions and other initiatives that enhance the attendee experience while increasing financial returns to the show promoter and participating exhibitors.

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Exhibitors and their staff can play a significant role in the success of our Lifestyle Cooking Shows.  As such we invite exhibitors to inquire as to how we in turn can increase traffic to their booths, their brick and mortar business location and their website resulting in more sales plus extra revenue streams.

Current Partners Include:
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Local Businesses

As the old adage goes "one hand washes the other".  With this in mind we have a variety of profitable Partner Programs that provide additional revenue opportunities for qualified businesses.  Inquiries welcome!

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If you have a club, community group, charity or other not-for-profit group or organization that requires innovative methods of generating income you may want to entertain our Feast For 50 Program. Additionally we are open to discussing how to customize a fundraising program tailored specifically to your group’s or organization’s needs. We pride ourselves in developing win-win programs!

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