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  • Committed to improving the quality of the AIR we breath, the WATER we drink, the FOOD we eat and the nutritional suppliments we may consume.
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Free Gifts!

How to Earn Gifts

  • Refer guests to our Lifestyle Cooking shows and you earn bonus gifts!
  • Participate in our Platinum Certificate Rewards Program (see below).

Why Do We Do This?

In lieu of spending hundreds, thousands and even millions of dollars advertising through electronic, print and other mediums we find it effective to invest our advertising and promotional budgets with our customers, their family and friends in the form of FREE gifts, FREE food, good FUN and by providing life changing information.

Why?…it makes good sense. Consumers can more easily believe what they see, smell, touch, taste and hear compared to what they might read in print, hear on the radio, read online or watch on TV.

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Platinum Certificate Rewards Program

You earn FREE gifts by simply sharing your love of our dinner show presentations with friends and family!

These and more are Bonus Gift Choices you may earn with the Platinum Certificate Program.

  • Amazing Skillet (10")
  • All Purpose Roaster
  • 5 Quart Oil Core
  • Smokeless Broiler
  • Wok & Temp-Tone™ Cover
  • Hammer Stahl 3 pc Knife Set
  • Hammer Stahl 5 pc Knife Set
  • Food Cutter
  • Any of our other products of similar value!

As a Promotional Dinner Show Guest, you can fully appreciate the need for a live presentation where people can see, smell, touch and taste and experience first-hand the benefits of our products and services.  As such, the Platinum Certificate Rewards Program provides an incentive for you to encourage your friends and family to attend a Promotional Dinner Show.

Please contact us for complete rules and regulations.

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